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Have a peaceful Thanksgiving

Holidays can be an intense emotional time when I have no relationship or family nearby to celebrate with. My choice is to seek out peace and joy, even when I am alone. Whether it be embracing the alone time, or being overwhelmed with the people who adore and love us, I can turn my sadness around by focusing on the greatness that surrounds me. Thanksgiving can be especially challenging for dominantly introverted people like me, who may be less inclined to seek out others for comfort. This choice applies to you too.

This year, I have chosen to step away from the sadness of being alone and meditate instead. I am listening to the sounds around me, feeling the daylight on my skin, watching the sun slowly crawl down the wall, and hear the comforting repetition of my breathing and heartbeat.

Paying attention to what is right now, holds me in the present moment and the loss of love and a broken family network fades into the silence. The future becomes comfortably unknown and the fear of what may-be diminishes. The greater feeling of gratitude for everything good in my life, and that I am alive and peaceful, overrides the sense of alone.

It takes effort to quiet my mind and fight the addictive, familiar emotion of loss and sadness, but I'm confident that the feeling of peace will take over and prevail. I only have to invite it in and allow it to fill me up.

May you and I experience a peaceful Thanksgiving today.

Ommmmmm 😊

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