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An hour a day

Want to get a lot accomplished in just an hour?

I consider myself pretty relaxed, even lazy at times, but I get a lot accomplished in many areas, from learning CAD to raising money for charity, supporting causes, making goat cheese and traveling the world. I am often asked how I do it all and the answer is quite simple - One thing at a time, one hour at a time. Huh? What?

It's quite simple actually. Here's the equation behind my Hour a Day theory. Try it yourself!

One hour a day focused on a subject, whether it be learning an instrument, writing a book or starting a business, equates to 365 hours in a year.

Simple math tells us this is equal to 45.6 x 8 hour days, or 9.125 x 40 hour work weeks, or 2.17 months - dedicated to a single focus. That's over 2 months of full time work, at just 1 hour a day. Sounds crazy right?

Apply this principle to 5 different interests and in just one year you will have dedicated 10.8 solid months to your hobby, education or writing. By committing 5 distinct, focused hours a day on various passions, you'll have lots of time left for yourself, your friends and family, and it'll never feel like work.


See? It's simpler than you thought!

Ommmmmm 😊

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