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Give love life!

Why does our primal mind like to remember the bad stuff and forget the good stuff? Simply put... Fear.

Fear is the most basic way to assure our survival, by cataloging and protecting us from harm and old pain. In contrast, to find deep connection and make our relationships thrive, we must consciously choose to seek-out the positive in life and others, resist our fears and submit to the possibilities. Without this, love and unity can have no life. 


Think of fear as a hard, crusty shell that covers the soft, squishy inner person that makes you you. Open this armor and let the good people in, because distrust and a protective facade (because that's all it is!) is keeping them out. You may think that being accessible and vulnerable leads to weakness and protects you from harm or pain, but this is just an illusion we create to protect ourselves. There is no real protection from hurt, only the choices we make in how we maneuver through it.


Bad things can and will happen to us all - it's an inevitability of living the human experience, regardless of how open or closed we hold our hearts. Give vulnerability a try and see what happens. What do you have to lose, other than the great opportunity to love and be loved deeply? Worst case, you gain new knowledge and discernment skills. Best case, you get everything you ever wanted, so take a chance on you!


"You will walk in circles with one foot left behind."


Ommmmmm 😊

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