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Leave depression behind

Depression is the dark void between the life you are living and the life you dream of. To escape the heaviness of depression, move in the direction of your greatest, heart filling passion and authentically pursue the life you were meant to love, enjoy and thrive in.

New studies have also shown that in our modern culture, with mass awareness, the internet, and social media, many people are now suffering from Option Paralysis, which causes depression. Too many options leads to feeling lost, confused, anxious and unsatisfied. Whereas people living in basic cultures in close proximity to friends and family, who participate in their community and live without the feeling of lacking or want, do not experience depression like Western Culture does. 

Volunteering, helping others and escaping your busy mind by seeking peace through meditation and body connective practices, such as yoga, are wonderful ways to escape depression and move toward the lightness of a fulfilling life. So does expressing your authentic self and creativity.

The choice to live a simple, joyful life is entirely yours. You can start right now, so why wait?

Ommmmmm 😊

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