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The migraine story

The Migraine Story: I am severely allergic to wheat and dairy. Namely, when I ingest wheat, my system has an autoimmune response that causes my digestion to stop functioning properly. Everything I consume afterward sits still and it begins to poison my body, particularly alcohol.


It's important to remember that people with food allergies don't choose to have those allergies. I often experience insensitivity on this topic and a common response is " Come on. You can have a little." This is callous and incorrect. An autoimmune reaction is not based on the volume of a substance. The reaction is the body's response to a foreign substance it identifies as invasive and toxic. A wheat and dairy allergy is certainly not an experience that I, or anyone, chooses to have.


Three days ago, I had dinner with a friend and we had a few margaritas. I also ate a large piece of fried tortilla by accident - a catastrophic combination. The next two days were filled stomach cramps and my intestines ceased to move. I knew I was in trouble!


When I feel a migraine coming on, I can anticipate the intensity by the amount of vision loss and visual strobing I experience. Many people say they have a migraine, but it's actually a bad headache. A true migraine begins with vision loss, distorted images, blind spots in the middle of your vision, and it appears that you are looking through a kaleidoscope made of triangles on a string, twirling in the light.


The migraine lead-up persists for half an hour or more, before vision returns and the pain begins. To show consideration and understanding for migraine sufferers, please use the term headache when your head hurts. Migrainers often feel isolated and misunderstood by their invisible and painful plight, so when the term migraine is used to describe a common headache, it's like calling a sprained wrist a broken arm.


For me, left side vision loss means a bad night with nausea and intense pain, whereas right side vision loss is devastating. I experience intense pain beyond belief, vomiting, memory loss, the inability to speak and communicate, and I continue to experience after effects such as dyslexia, stuttering and daytime visions for a month or longer. Last night, I was hit with the worst visual migraine I've ever had. I lost sight in both eyes. 🙁


My migraines are much like a stroke. Normally, I would be hospitalized for several days with a right-side migraine. By sheer fortune and research, I uncovered a small study about the treatment of migraines with cold, combined with the Chinese medicine principal that inflammation rises. Combined, I took these ideas and created a simple, yet miraculous treatment for migraines that has literally saved my life. Trust me when I tell you, it's not possible to live long experiencing these devastating migraines. No medication or therapy has been a preventative solution, or treatment for me, but I finally found reprieve by simply taking frozen ice packs and pressing them against the arteries of my neck to cool the blood to my brain.


The intense pain of a migraine is caused by the expansion and swelling of the blood vessels in and around the lining of the nerves. By eliminating the swelling with cold, the migraine never takes hold and I am able to function normally within several hours, versus days or weeks. I still have what's called a migraine hangover, but the ice treatment is truly amazing and I feel a renewed view on life. I no longer go through my day wondering if a migraine is going to strike me down and take away an hour, a day or a week of my life. I now have the knowledge to eat well and prevent migraines from occurring, and a simple solution to keep them from taking my joy away.


I recommend that everyone stay away from wheat and see how you feel. A great solution to healthy intestinal movement is a flaxseed muffin once a day ( I like Flax For Life) They are wonderful at keeping your system moving. By avoiding wheat, you'll be surprised at increased digestive flow, increased energy, clearer skin, arthritis dissipation or elimination and mental clarity. If you suffer from migraines, please take my advice and give the ice treatment a chance. It's the difference between misery and a few hours of uncomfortably. I choose the latter!


Ommmmmm 😘

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