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Full of gratitude!

I am grateful for having a warm home that's dry and safe amidst the tremendous rain and snow storms across US this winter. For those who are suffering right now, be it a flooded house, stuck in the cold or you have lost your home, I send you good wishes for a quick reprieve and a warm, dry place to rest your tired body tonight. I feel deeply for you and hope for your peace and comfort. I am sending you love, love, love!


I believe that when we set our intentions on wanting the best for others, whether or not we know each other, share the same beliefs, or have the same color of skin, we achieve the best of ourselves and as humans as a greater whole. This is how I want to participate in creating the world I want to live in. The results of our collective compassion is too undeniable!


What kind of world do you want to create and live in?


Ommmmmm 😊

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