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Grateful for Health

My heart hurts today...


This weekend I learned that two of my friends are very ill. One is battling an aggressive brain tumor and struggling to recover from brain surgery. The other just discovered a hole in her spinal column from the collapse of her cervical vertebra that may leave her paralyzed, or take her life. Sadly, these illnesses could have been mitigated early on, if the pain and symptoms were investigated. Unfortunately, the discomfort was ignored for too long... This is a heartbreaking reminder to listen to your body and get consistent medical check-ups, especially in this new age of cancer and environmental poisoning.


Both of my friends were experiencing busy lives without concern and it all changed on a dime. They did not wake up today like you and me, to consider a plethora of options like going to work, reading a book, or grabbing a coffee with mom. Their day began with deep concern for life, death and survival.


Our health is the most valuable asset we have. Without it, we lose time, money, experience, joy and possibly life itself, and our friends and family lose us. This life is soo short, and it's the only life we have absolute proof of.


Please allow the experience of  my friends to penetrate your heart, so you that might be provoked to seek out the best use of your limited time here, and pursue the highest level of joy in your life. I am confident when I say that we are not born to suffer or work until we die.


My hope for you is that you make the choice today, to create and allow time to experience your life to the fullest, and embrace every single moment of it. Go see all that you can and express yourself authentically, while you still have your health and the choice!


Finally, remember these wise words "This life isn't a dress rehearsal!"


Ommmmmm 😊

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