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Close the door

You must close one door to step through a new one. When you grasp a hand full of coins in a jar, you cannot get your hand out and you are stuck. You must release to free yourself. When you choose to let go of what you believe is safe, ask yourself if you are really giving up what's important, or are you releasing what's holding you back and allowing your passion to surface.


The illusion is when we keep a firm grasp on what feels safe. We are actually limiting ourselves from moving forward. Challenge yourself today to let go of something you believe is important. Your gut already knows what you need. Listen to it carefully. Your gut, the voice of your subconscious, always knows what you want and need and it's working overtime. Know that the universe is always on your side and conspiring on your behalf. You only have to be clear on what you want and speak up!


Close old doors that hold you back. Allow your passion to surface. Listen to your truth. Release your grasp. Set your intention clearly. Share your vision and step into the unknown. By the way, it's all the unknown!


"So far, nobody has proven without a doubt that life should be taken seriously."


Ommmmmm 😊

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