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Men need love too

Daily, I read posts by women that support and love other women, but I do not see these same loving posts by men to celebrate other men, or in celebration of women, nor do I see many posts by women celebrating men. In my growing awareness, I recognize an increasing disparity of love and peace between the sexes. We can all agree this is the direct result of a long history of oppression by men overpowering women, yet I believe the pendulum may now be swinging too far to the other side and we should be just as concerned.

Throughout history, ignorant, arrogant men have caused great pain and resentment and we are now witnessing women participate in the polarization of the sexes. There is an alternative to our growing despondency though, to heal us all, and it does mean creating new women's groups or expanding old men's groups. It means creating one big loving human group. We all want the same things - to feel important, to be recognized and to be loved. These feelings give us peace, life and relevance. Please don't let anyone tell you different.

I want to offer a solution and peaceful resolution between men and women that begins with great understanding. From an early age, men are socially taught that expressing emotion is not manly or okay. Baby boys cry just as much as baby girls, but the male expression of feeling is coerced out of him early on and this behavior is encouraged in media and in school when other boys, and girls, challenge his masculinity by asking him to "man up" or "stop being a pussy". It's no wonder why men cannot emotionally connect with themselves, each other, and with women. We teach men not to feel loving and gentle toward each other and this oppression often surfaces as anger, fear, frustration and violence. Men also feel deeply, but sadly it's more acceptable to express emotions in public with fighting, sports and ego driven competition.

From this man to you as a woman, I implore and challenge you to take this into consideration and help men express themselves openly and gently, and please understand that men do not want to live in disconnect from their inner desire to be loving and gentle. It is not a woman's responsibility to change men, but with female love and nurturing energy, women have the power create an environment for men to be gentle, soft and expressive. Women have a critical impact on the way men feel and behave throughout their lives, and every emotionally healthy man needs and wants to be recognized, honored and respected by women. I believe men basically do everything they do in order to impress and win women over and provide for them.


Please also understand that just like women, men also need loving mothers, nurturing, and female support. I ask that the next time you, as a woman, choose to rally and/or side with other women in a negative way, recognize that you may be participating in further isolating women from all of the great men who deeply need your loving female influence, so please choose to include them in your support network.

I reiterate - men are not the enemy. They need you! Instead of creating more separation, let's work in unison to create equality and love each other as people who need love, not as sexual opponents, oppressors or even as the opposite sex. I think we can all agree that the world will be a peaceful place when it's lead by woman, supported by the gentle men you teach to love and express openly. Change and equality for all can begin with you, not as a woman or a man, but as a loving, unique human being!

Ommmmmm 😊

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