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Are you sarcastic?

Do you find comfort in sarcasm? How does it serve you? Have you ever met a sarcastic person that you can get close to?


Simply put, sarcasm is a joke you have to explain. The intent of sarcasm often comes from hurt and resentment that surfaces as a form of cold humor. Sarcasm is often hard for others to decipher, because the intention behind the words isn't obvious or sincere. Someone behaving in a jaded manner will often use sarcasm and even appear to lack empathy. This is likely a dubious cover to keep people at arms length and build a false wall of protection. Beneath this tough skin you may find a lonely, disconnected human in need of your kindness and understanding.


In contrast, sincere, warm people shy away from sarcasm and express themselves with compassion, clarity and vulnerability. This provides others with clear intention and easy accessibility. Imagine the President giving a national address that's full of sarcasm. We would have no idea what his truths are and we'd distrust his intentions. Why would you want to confuse people by being indirect and misunderstood?


Try this! Spend an entire day without sarcasm and see how it makes you feel. You may be surprised when your friends and family take notice. They might even feel as though they know the "real you" a little better, or a lot better. That's a good thing btw!


Ommmmmm 😊

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