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Life is happening right now!

At this very moment, and every single second I am alive, I am experiencing the very cutting edge of life and witnessing human evolution unfold. I exist on a narrow slice of time and space.

I only-truly am in this ever-changing moment. Time is a constant that does not slow down, stop or go faster. Unlike my mind and heart, my body lives in the present moment and this is all it knows. The collective human challenge is to allow our minds and hearts to join our bodies here in the now. Only then can we achieve absolute peace.


Every single moment of my life is an opportunity to choose a fresh path. The immediate past is just my story now, like a fading trail winding behind me into history, and the future does not exist. It is a dream that will unfold in ways I cannot plan for, anticipate or control, so I choose not to live in the future for risk of experiencing my life as fear, angst and discontent. When the future does arrive, as it constantly will, I will still be living and breathing right here on the cutting edge of world history. The opportunity to choose my bliss will always be available to me. I can envision the life I want to live and it will come to be.


The only limit is me. Meditation is the reeling-in of my mind and heart to coexist in the present moment with my physical body, to create peace and calm. Aligning my mind, body and heart is the only way I can be a complete person in a single plane of existence. My body greatly appreciates the visits too. :)


Your life is happening right now, not then or when. Choose to experience it before it ends. Choose to live now!


"The only time you are alive is right now!"


Ommmmmm 😊

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