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In memory of Kelsey Hewitt

Please join me and send your love and healing wishes to the family of Kelsey Hewitt. Kelsey was just 23 and moved to Jackson Hole, Wyoming last month to pursue her passion for snowboarding. Last week Kelsey was riding off trail, fell head first into a tree well and suffocated. Her parents are two healing chiropractors in Portland and they need tremendous amounts of positive energy right now. I'm calling on the army of peace seekers to send them your love!


This accident is all too familiar to me and I really feel Kelsey's experience. I grew up snowboarding and the most frightening moment I have experienced in 30 years of riding was my own fall into a tree well. Snow gathers around trees when it's shed from the limbs and forms a deep hollow around the tree. When I fell in, I was upside down with my back against the tree and my face in the snow. It's impossible to reach your skis or board and release yourself and time is critical. I was very fortunate to have friends behind who saw me fall and dragged me out by my ankles. It's soo important to ride with others and keep an eye out when snowboarding and skiing to prevent this sad accident.


I feel deeply about Kelsey and her death, and for her parents that must be asking themselves why their daughter has been taken away from them. I will say this on her behalf, from another lover of the mtns, snow and the sport, that Kelsey went to the next level doing what she loved to do and I know she would want us all to learn from her. Let's not waste the valuable lesson she gave us with her life and death.


Please allow this tragic experience to motivate you to love deeply like it's air, live fully like it's your last day, party like it's your birthday and be kind to everyone you meet, regardless of age, race, gender or religion. They just might be there to pull you out by our ankles when you're upside down in trouble.


I did not know you Kelsey, but I am thinking about you today and so are many, many people that your life and story is touching right now. Rest in peace Kelsey Hewitt!


Ommmmmm 😊

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