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Can you really be too serious?

A person in my life has criticized me for my inspired postings and does not appear to appreciate the depth of my love and desire for peace in all people. Their judgment is that I take myself too serious.


My question is this: Is it possible to find deep connection and true inner peace without seeking out my depths and repairing my psyche and heart? Is it okay or conceivable to merely float on the surface, stare at the clouds and avoid my pain? I am undecided as to whether one plane of being holds more value than the other. I take into consideration that it may be simple for some to bask in the light, but challenging for others like me who were raised beneath a thorny, dark umbrella of emotional trauma. We each have our own experience that defined who we became as adults. I cannot judge the work you need to do, and you cannot understand or determine my work. This is our unique path.


I believe the answer is digging within myself to understand what makes me respond the way I do, then purposfully choosing to live in the light with great understanding of my behavior, which I can choose to change as I move toward enlightenment. My internal expedition gives me tremendous inner strength and calm as a reward for surviving the journey and intentionally seeking out peace in my heart and my life in-turn. I speak no rhetoric and my words are backed by the choice I made to build a solid emotional and fully accountable existence that will support me for the rest of my life. I will not go back and I feel unshakable now. I am proud of what I've built for myself upon broken ground.


With regards to being too serious, it took serious work to get where I am and I'd have it no other way. Have you ever met a comedian? Ironically, they're the most serious people I know. They troll the darkest corners of humanity in search of our pain and humiliation, find the irony and make fun of it for our enjoyment.


Only now can I breath deep and create a space for other serious searchers to find peace in my presence and feel my authentic love for them. It's their journey. I am a mirror and an example of self love and acceptance. I am what is possible!


How do you feel about this topic in your life? Your feedback is fuel that propels me forward.


Ommmmmm 😊

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