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Do you judge?

When I judge another person I jeopardize my integrity and ownership of my behavior, because when I judge I am asking someone to see the world through my filter, my history, my hurt and my distrust. I am also asking them to adopt my beliefs and own my disapproval of them, which originates from the disapproval of myself. It's not fair or loving either.


Instead, I will focus on loving myself and stop judging me. It's not my responsibility to do anyone's work but my own. And it's your choose if you want to do your work too. I will love you either way. That is my choice!


My wish for today is that before you or I judge another person, we look at the judgment and at ourselves first - the source of all judgment. Personally, I have been judged for being "too sensitive". I am deeply effected by the behavior and words people use and I wouldn't trade my sensitivity for anything. It makes me the loving person I am and allows me to form deep, sincere connections. I ask anyone who casts this judgment upon someone to please ask yourself honestly - is the source of your judgment your own desensitization?


We live in a world full of hurt and brutality and I believe the people who feel deeply are the ones who will teach peace and rescue us from our own hatred and demise. We must set our intention on joy and happiness, but not at the expense of ignoring the underlying hurt and life experience that causes sadness. Only when that pain is addressed and embraced, can we find true joy. It cannot be swept under the rug. We cannot pretend to be happy and joyful. That is merely a temporary rhetoric that collapses under emotional pressure. Take it from me, someone who has overcome a lot of poor family dynamics, I can see past the rhetoric and I see the hurt beneath the words.


Today I hope that you will allow yourself to go deep, even if it hurts, and to come out the other side with sincere joy and peace in your heart. I want this for me, for you and everyone on this precious planet that gives us life!



Ommmmmm 😊

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