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The great power of choice!

This week I have seen a greater than usual number of friends, new and old, struggling with big life issues. Each person has reached out to me for feedback and I'm full of gratitude that these amazing people trust and chose to come to me for a safe place to open up and be vulnerable without feeling weak or judged. Below is my thoughtful response that I deeply believe is valuable knowledge for all to heed. These basic tools are universal to creating inner peace and self approval.


When we pretend that everything in our life is okay and avoid dealing with the issues that hurt us most, we will find ourselves ill equipped to cope with and negotiate our way through sudden, serious situations that quickly feel traumatic and overwhelm our minds and bodies. We are simply not prepared. This is why ongoing, preemptive self work is so important and I do not believe that we can get there on our own. We should experience and witness the full human spectrum as we grow, because change penetrates faster and deeper when we share our growth with others who are seeking peace in their lives too.


Building and nurturing a healthy community around us is also very important to our welfare and growth. This helps us experience deeper peace and joy through love and connection with fellow peace seekers that we can lean on in hard times, or give them a strong shoulder in their time of need and self doubt. I do not believe in one-on-one traditional therapy for this reason. Group learning in environments like Wings workshops is the quickest and most powerful means to self transformation that I have seen and experienced first hand.


Nobody can fix us. Other people can only mirror behavior that we need to discover and manifest in ourselves. We can offer them the same in return, but we are each 100% responsible for our own healing and no one can give us this great gift, except us. This is key! Here is where the great power of choice comes into being. You can choose a better life for yourself, with every decision, by clearly defining and visualizing the life you want to create, knowing how you want to feel, setting your intention in that direction and making every single choice in your life in support of that feeling. Do not deviate. It's all in your control, even the way you choose to respond to the world.


Strenuous situations in life are much easier to deal with when solid coping tools are deeply embedded. Denial of hurt will only catch you off guard and feel devastating. You can and will get through each transition, because that's what every life situation is - moving from one emotional state to the next. Remain open and you will learn to hold your strength in stressful life occurrences, and pay close attention to the lessons that come from every challenge. Calm will come with self honesty and awareness, making it much more difficult to rattle your peace. Follow a daily practice that has a clear direction with your intention set on how you want to feel and never give up on you! Your answers are all within and the path to healing+strength begins with the choice to look inside.


Ommmmmm 😊

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