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Men of Integrity

Guidelines for creating safety and equality

- Treat women as your equal. They are your equal BTW, and women, by nature, are frequently much more emotionally wise than men because they allow themselves to feel deeply and access their heart. That's a good thing!

- Refrain from using gender specific identification of women in thought and conversation. Women are fellow humans with unique characteristics and names. You are talking about a person, not a car. Imagine that you have no sight and you must describe a woman by who she is, not what she is, or what she looks like.

- No woman was ever born to serve a man. Read that again until it sticks. Any interpretation of the Bible that causes you to believe a woman is in servitude to her husband is complete garbage! Men wrote and edited the Bible and this concept is self serving, male bullsh*t. You are not superior, as you've been told since childhood. Get over your maleness!

- Consider the great impact of your physical presence. Men are generally bigger and stronger than women and it's your responsibility to make women feel safe. Never take advantage of your size or stature! This is pathetic and simple abusive of power. If you physically threaten a woman or child, you are being an insecure asshole who's not accessing his intelligence and heart to create a peaceful environment for all. Nobody makes you behave this way! It's a choice.

- Never wink at, touch, comment, kiss or use words like honey when unsolicited by any woman. It's demeaning, condescending and it makes you creepy. It's simply gross and those days are over.

- Steer other men away from derogatory language and sexual dialogue. What you talk about behind the scenes in the locker room shouldn't be something you have to hide. Be the example. Be the change. To create true equality, men must lead this movement. If you don't, you will be left behind!

- Contrary to popular male, cultural rhetoric, it is NOT weak to be kind, show affection, be gentle and show your vulnerability. Just the opposite, it takes a very secure, high integrity, confident man to be sweet and loving. This should be your ambition in life. If you think kindness, sensitivity and gentleness means you are a pussy, a girl, or soft, you are experiencing the delusion of the disconnected male culture that's pure poison and you need to reexamine who you've become.

- Consider what your life might look like, and feel like, if you were cast in a woman's body. This is empathy. Nobody chooses their gender. Being female is no less valuable or important than being male. If you believe differently, start from the top and re-read this list until you get it. It's not rocket science. It's truth.

- Finally, do all of the above because it's the right thing to do, not because you're scared of getting in trouble.

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P.S. This was written by a man who has changed his behavior, because he believes that woman are our future and survival, because his heart compelled him to.

P.P.S. This list will grow, so please check back to reread often!

P.P.P.S. Please share if there are men in your life who need to read this!

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