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1o reasons not to support Trump

10 important reasons we should not vote for Donald Trump

1) Trump uses the word "stupid" frequently. This is an immature, irresponsible use of words that hurts others. It's also disrespectful and mean. There is no love in saying stupid and Trump is teaching young people to speak this way.

2) Trump panders to the lowest common denominator by talking about subjects that aren't important on a global level. He caters to and connects with people via anger and negativity, not with postitive ideas and kindness. He polarizes his message to the negative effect. Anger breeds anger.

3) He has shown extreme judgments for many people and cultures that he knows nothing about. This is pure ignorance. Ignorance regarding differences is dangerous.

4) Trump behaves impersonal and arrogant when he interacts with others. He often projects that he's more important than others as well. Trump shows textbook signs of narcissism.

5) Trump often responds with insults and demeaning language to cover for his lack of knowledge. He attacks unprompted and justifies his poor behavior with defensiveness. This lacks ownership and integrity. This is not a presidential quality.

6) Trump does not express or communicate any authentic interest in, or care for, the average American. He appears to be more interested in attention and lacks all humility. Imagine meeting him in person and consider the way he might treat you.

7) Trump often degrades people, especially women, who do not agree with him. It has been a Republican agenda for many years to insult other candidates vs focusing on solving issues that concern our country.

8) Trump does not listen to input from the public. He speaks his agenda and ignores feedback. We witnessed this behavior first-hand on The Apprentice.

9) Trump is a sore loser and lashes out when he doesn't win. This is definitely not a presidential qualification, especially when war is the risk.

10) Trump overextended himself in the past and his industry crumbled. The only reason he survived this massive businesss failure was because he was in so much debt to financiers, the only way they might make their money back was to get behind him a 2nd time and fund his rescue.

We do not want or need a leader that is disconnected from the struggles of Americans, acts entitled, operates from ego and takes huge financial risks that could destroy our financial stability. I believe we can all agree that Trump is running for president for only one reason - Trump.


Bernie Sanders is a man of and for the people with the goal of security, health and stability for all. Socialism isn't a dirty word btw. Socialism means we take care of the poor and the sick and each other. A culture where there is equality, is a culture of peace and confidence between all men and women. Our world would be a peaceful world if we all looked out for each other, instead of calling each other stupid when we disagree.

Ommmmmm :)

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