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There is no love in judgment

I am a hetero, white, male atheist and I believe in loving all humans as equals, because it's the right thing to do and I feel it in my heart. I also have dear friends who are gay and transgender so I'm speaking up with some authority and knowledge of this topic in their defense.

To anyone who thinks this t-shirt is funny, I will attempt to rationalize with you instead of using hatred.


Please consider that the LGBTQ community is constantly under attack and no one chose how they were born into this life, not even you, but these heroic people are taking ownership of who they are and we must support their journey as unique, equal humans - their experience we cannot understand, because we are not living in their shoes or skin. It would be foolish to believe you can truly understand the LGBTQ experience, therefore you should not stand in judgment or think of yourself superior. You are not. You are most likely scared of the unknown.

Whether you believe it is not, you either know someone, or have a LGBTQ relative. These are brave humans striving to feel whole and comfortable in their own bodies, just like heterosexuals. LGBTQ is the mark of pride for their bravery, authenticity, unity and struggle for human equality, so leave it alone. Making a mockery of LGBTQ is shameful and lacks tremendous integrity. Don't do it!

If you are judging LGBTQ people from a Christian point of view, the Bible reads that god created all things in his image, and there is no place in the Bible that gives you permission to judge others or assume God's role as judge and jury. This means that every LGBTQ person on this planet is perfect, created in their maker's image, just as you were. If you are a practicing Chistian, you cannot pick and choose the parts of the Bible you want to believe and support. It doesn't work that way.

I challenge you to look inside yourself and focus on being the best person you can be, which excludes judging others. A key part of being the best Christian you can be is loving others for who they are, especially when they're different than you and you don't understand them. This is what Jesus did when he protected the prostitute from being stoned to death. Jesus knelt beside her and said to the people casting stones "He who casts the first stone has never sinned".

LGBTQ are part of you and me and the great whole. If you feel strongly about equality for all, please raise your voice and come to the defense of others, especially if you are a white heterosexual. Look in the mirror and practice loving others before all else. It will make your life better as well!

Ommmmmm 😊

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