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You are already perfect!

Who's version of perfection are you pursuing? Is this your own ambition, or was this concept instilled in you by others? Is being perfect even realistic?

Who do you want to impress with your perfection? What will it attain for you? Why is it so important to you? These are important questions to understand the psychology of your perfect pursuit.


Perfection is a human creation and concept. An illusion, because everything about you is already as it should be. Perfection is an unachievable waste of energy. Throughout history, chasing perfection has driven many humans mad, yet none have achieved it. The pursuit of such a fantasy is like staring into the night sky and counting every star - an impossible exercise in futility.


Perfection is right now, as you are, being who you are, with no measure applied to yourself or others. If perfection did exist, there are no levels, just this or that. An entire life can be wasted living in angst and desire of this unattainable goal. Therefore, the pursuit of perfection makes no sense and the concept should be abandoned.


Perfection is already right here within you. Your journey to enlightenment is to polish away any tarnish you may have developed in your mind and heart as you experience the struggles of life and let your inner light shine through.


Instead of the pursuit of perfection, consider this - love, joy and peace emminating from deep within you to create a better world for yourself and others. Doesn't that sound perfect?


As far as we know, this life is not a dress rehearsal for another one, so breath in the present and feel perfect right now. Step into your perfection today. It's only a mindstep away. It's your choice. Why wait?


Ommmmmm 😊

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