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Are you genuine?

Am I genuine? What does it mean to be genuine? What does it mean to not be?

Being a genuine human is the key to all deep connection and love. And by being genuine in the presence of others, they will see my humanity and vulnerability - this is not the same as weakness, by the way. By sharing my authentic self with others, I receive great inner joy in return. It's a win-win!


Recently, a close friend said to me "I love and respect you for your genuine quality. You have the unique desire to draw-out the authentic nature of people, even when you know they might not like you for it. You provoke their truth to surface".


To say the least, she surprised me with this feedback, but I was more shocked by the tears that streamed from my eyes as her words touched me deeply. She was being 100% authentic with me and I felt surprisingly raw. Not because I was sad, but because she suggested a behavior I possess that makes me feel really good and I don't feel it often enough. I was also reminded of just how out-of-sync I have been recently and that I have not been living genuinly in my life. The negative result of this absent was my inability to offer others a safe space to reveal themselves to me. It was no surprise that my connections felt broken. I was effectively holding my friends back and it was obvious that I needed to get myself back on track. I love my friend for caring enough to genuinely share herself and provide me with a safe place to expose myself.


I cannot think of a better contribution in my life than to support others in their journey to self awareness, peace and inner joy. This gift can only be genuine through my own introspection, humbleness and 100% self-honesty in my journey. Only by being exposed myself can I offer others safe passage in their expeditions. I must also stay out of their way and be selfless in my support, because we each follow a unique path and I do not possess their answers - only they do. That would be arrogant of me.


With earnest practice, total honesty and loving support, we are all capable of finding our genuine voice and letting our truth surface. Only then can we pursue a whole life, free from sadness and a feeling of disconnection. Supporting others in finding their happiness is quite likely the best way to find my own joy. It can all start with me. I will be the catalyst and let my genuine love flow. Why wait?


Ommmmmm 😊

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