Happy About Me is a passionate expression of the human experience and letting our potential shine. My intention is to encourage and remind you that all of your answers exist within you and they always have. You need only seek your inner truth to create a peaceful life that feels like home wherever you go.



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Thanksgiving Alone
Holidays can be peaceful, even if you are alone.
Imagine your reality
Dream of the world you want to live in.
The culture of men
The gender pendulum swings the other way.
Breakup tools
Create a peaceful separation.
Escape depression
Leave depression behind and find joy.
Can we prevent cancer?
Changing your pH may prevent cancer.
Suicide is preventable
Nobody should die by their our hand.
An hour a day
It's incredible what an hour a day can do!
Men need love too
Women have the power to love men.
A path without end
Follow your path and enjoy the journey.
The four questions
Create change by being honest with yourself.
Goodbye brother
My brother died one year ago.
Happy birthday Renee
A special wish for my sister on her birthday.
RIP Kelsey Hewitt
Remembering Kelsey Hewitt who died at 25.
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"The definition of love is the absence of judgment"

Dalia Lama

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Magic is made when loving humans look out for each other.

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Everything you do in your life is a choice that we call ownership. The results of your choices represent your personal integrity.


By fully adopting your power of decision and creating healthy ownership behaviors, you will develop the skills to create the life you want and own it 100%.


Your path begins with believing that you are the only person who can make you happy, so take control today!


Your Greatest Self.


You already have everything you need to heal yourself. Do you believe it? You must believe in and love youself without doubt to reach your fullest potential and love others unconditionally.


Regardless of what you think or have heard, it's OKAY to have complete confidence in yourself. Nobody can give that amazing gift of self-love to you, except you! :)




Imagine a circle on the ground that holds everything you want to be and feel in your life. When you hold yourself back, you are walking around this circle, eyeing it longingly and using words of wanting, such as "someday", "if only", "maybe", "I wish" and "I should". This is the limiting self-talk you must let go of to achieve your dreams and feel the way you choose to feel.


The only way to enter the life you want is to step into it and become it. Nobody can or will ever hand your dreams to you. You must do this for yourself.


When you are fully aware of our own limiting behaviors, the only thing holding you back is you, so give yourself permission to be happy and step into your amazing life today! Why wait?


Improve your relationships.


Clark is the perfect blend of adventure and heart. He deeply cares about people and his work. At the same time, he’s always open to testing out new possibilities.




Clark James offers an insight, delivered with compassion and kindness, reflecting a version of my experience that softly provokes radical transformation of self while being supported in a space of unconditional love."






Through the looking glass, Clark meets me on the other side with kindness and love, inspiring me to expand with my fullest and wildest potential.


Tracy C.



Clark has been a strong inspiration in my musical life, intuitive and supportive, all while inspiring me by his own creative methods and passions.


David L.



Clark is an inspiration! He has helped me to trust my inner strength to achieve my career ambitions. He walks you through your worst fears at the time of self-doubt till they disappear.


Mahasti K


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